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Throughout the decades, we have honed our metal working expertise to adapt to our customers’ requests. In the 1960s, we began stamping flat washers to supply the growing domestic auto industry.

The automotive industry of the 1980s required greater materials traceability through the supply chain, and we worked to develop innovative tracking processes to meet those requirements. In the 1990s, we expanded our services and aggressively improved our productivity, technology, processes, and quality control to meet the new demands of the marketplace.

Today, we provide customers around the world top-quality products through the latest metal working technologies.

Featured Articles

Graham Stamping has been featured in several publications including American Stamping and Rice Lake Magazine. Click here to view the Rice Lake Magazine article featuring Graham Stamping Co.

The following is an excerpt from American Stamping Magazine

"Delay manifolds, nitrogen or hydraulic, were not options for Graham Stamping Company a customer producing a knockout that acts as a fastener for a construction and mining application. And neither was a traditional gas spring which ejected the part immediately, missing the part transfer mechanism. A single self-contained CS2 controllable gas spring was ideal, delaying the ejection of the knockout to coincide with the part transfer system. Again there was and additional benefit: Graham reported better part tolerances because the CS2 provided a softer and slower return. Pleased with this unique inverted pressure blanking system developed by Graham Stamping Co. Rob Schnur president reported that, “Graham Stamping is continually improving their processes and services that help our customers achieve their quality and productivity goals."

innovation & technology

Superior Quality Assurance

Providing our customers with quality products quickly and efficiently is the cornerstone of our business. We are constantly utilizing the latest in quality control innovation and technology.


Graham Stamping has 15 in-house stamping presses ranging from 60-ton to 600-ton capacity with the capability to run all grades of carbon steel, as well as stainless and aluminum.


we are a full-service metal stamping firm.

We serve customers from multiple industries to design, prototype and produce reliable parts from custom dies.

From our rich history of deep drawn stampings for the automotive industry to mining roof washers & bolts, Graham Stamping is a trusted leader and valuable partner for businesses across the globe.

Besides metal stamped components, we offer full or partial assemblies through welding, bolt staking, sawing and other processes — all with an emphasis on customer service, environmental care and innovation.

Customer's Supplier Rating System

Our quality policy is to make quality products at a competitive price to meet or exceed customer expectations by continuous improvement with total employee involvement.

Our quality objectives are; 100% Quality (0 rejects), 100% on time delivery, a goal of achieving a 10% improvement in uptime productivity hours. We have reviewed all of our customer’s supplier performance rating systems and the following are the results. For all of our customers our on time delivery is 100%, Quality is 99.8%, and we are proud to announce that we are approaching the 10% productivity improvement mark.

These qualities allow us to be the most competitive and reliable source that our customers have come to depend on. With the bleak economic conditions that we are facing as a nation Graham with it’s commitment of continual improvement and Demand More attitude will assure their customers that they will receive the most competitive, great quality, and 100% on time delivery as the supplier performance records have indicated.


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