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Graham Stamping Company has been producing components for the automotive industry for more than 55 years. Our customer base is made up of suppliers for major auto manufacturers around the world. 

Over the years, we have received praise and recognition from the industry for our quality products, fast turnaround, and lean manufacturing process. In order to receive these awards, Graham Stamping Company had to demonstrate impeccable quality, cost, and delivery throughout our deep draw metal stamping process.

We are the proud recipients of several industry awards, including 13 awards from Cooper Standard Automotive, with top honors out of 150 other companies for “Supplier Excellence”, along with “Top Five Supplier”, “Cost Savings Partnership”, and “Key Supplier”. Paulstra CRC has honored us a number of times over the years for “Superior Performance in Quality and Delivery.” In addition, our ISO 9001 certification further ensures that you will receive error-free products with guaranteed on-time delivery.

The deep drawn metal stamping process, which is often called metal pressing, is handled at room temperature, aka "cold forming. Depending on the depth of the draw the part is manufactured by progressing the steel through multiple draw stations while gradually forming the part to the desired depth with minimum thinning while meeting other critical dimensions such as true position, concentricity and any other critical characteristics of the part being manufactured. Relief is usually maintained through the use of biscuit cutting allowing even flow of the material while the material is being worked through the various draw stations.

  • Deep drawn stampings of and progressive die solutions are available for all types of aluminum and steel and can be used for:
  • Engine mounts
  • Body mounts
  • Jounce bumpers
  • Terminal lead frames
  • Connectors
  • Pins
  • And more…
  • Custom work using a high-speed servo driven press, enabling stamping of high-strength steels to customer specifications
  • Nitrogen cylinder pressure control
  • Ability to produce metal stampings with both coarse and fine threading, multiple side piercing, 3-dimensional shapes, embossing, coining and marking, extruding, and many other required features



Graham Stamping Company has been producing components for the automotive industry for more than 55 years. 


The construction industry in the U.S. and abroad is massive and diverse. Our stamping processes are fully customizable based on the needs of our construction customers.


Can you get high quality solar and wind components without castings and molded or machined parts? Our answer is yes! 


Safety is the top priority in today’s mining industry. Graham Stamping Company is currently one of the largest domestic producers of mine roof support washers.


we are a full-service metal stamping firm.

We serve customers from multiple industries to design, prototype and produce reliable parts from custom dies.

From our rich history of deep drawn stampings for the automotive industry to mining roof washers & bolts, Graham Stamping is a trusted leader and valuable partner for businesses across the globe.

Besides metal stamped components, we offer full or partial assemblies through welding, bolt staking, sawing and other processes — all with an emphasis on customer service, environmental care and innovation.

Customer's Supplier Rating System

Our quality policy is to make quality products at a competitive price to meet or exceed customer expectations by continuous improvement with total employee involvement.

Our quality objectives are; 100% Quality (0 rejects), 100% on time delivery, a goal of achieving a 10% improvement in uptime productivity hours. We have reviewed all of our customer’s supplier performance rating systems and the following are the results. For all of our customers our on time delivery is 100%, Quality is 99.8%, and we are proud to announce that we are approaching the 10% productivity improvement mark.

These qualities allow us to be the most competitive and reliable source that our customers have come to depend on. With the bleak economic conditions that we are facing as a nation Graham with it’s commitment of continual improvement and Demand More attitude will assure their customers that they will receive the most competitive, great quality, and 100% on time delivery as the supplier performance records have indicated.


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