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Progressive Die & Stamping Overview

Established in 1949, Graham Stamping Company is a complete one-stop shop for your metal stamping needs. Our specialization in all types of progressive dies (including deep draw, multiple cavity) and compound dies allows us to provide custom metal work for the automotive, mining, and construction industries.

We house fifteen stamping presses ranging from 60-ton to 600-ton capacity with high speed capabilities and the ability to run all grades of steel and aluminum. All of our stamping presses are equipped with servo-driven feeders to ensure precise die progression and accuracy. We incorporate mistake-proof die sensing in all tools designed and built in-house, ensuring that our products have zero defects.

In addition to metal stamped components, we can offer customers sub-assemblies or full assemblies through welding, bolt staking, sawing, and numerous other value-added processes. Our certified, in-house tool and die shop can produce prototypes, finish transitional work (existing work that is already tooled) and adapt quickly and inexpensively. In all, our progressive die and stamping capabilities are top-notch, just like our fantastic customer service.


Our Green Policy

Graham Stamping Company is committed to protecting our environment and has made the following pledge:

  1. We will continually assess the environmental impact of our activities.
  2. We will constantly work to improve our impact on the environment by setting and achieving specific environmental-related objectives.
  3. We will require our suppliers to follow the environmental standards set forth in our customers’ expectations and government specifications and will encourage suppliers to develop their own company-wide environmental programs.

Industries Served

Expertise comes from experience


Graham Stamping Company has produced components for the automotive industry for more than 55 years. Our customer base is made up of suppliers for major auto manufacturers around the world.


The construction industry in the U.S. and abroad is massive and diverse. To respond to the varied desires of the marketplace, our stamping processes are fully customizable based on the needs of our construction customers.


Can you get high quality solar and wind components without castings and molded or machined parts? Our answer is yes! With so many companies paying for casted, molded, or machined parts for their solar and wind systems, our R&D team had an idea: re-engineer castings and molded or machined parts into stampings.


Safety is the top priority in today’s mining industry. Graham Stamping Company is currently one of the largest domestic producers of mine roof support washers and we plan to continue to expand our services to the mining industry as we lead the industry in producing mining roof bolts, ASTM F432 washers and more.


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we are a full-service metal stamping firm.

We serve customers from multiple industries to design, prototype and produce reliable parts from custom dies.

From our rich history of deep drawn stampings for the automotive industry to mining roof washers & bolts, Graham Stamping is a trusted leader and valuable partner for businesses across the globe.

Besides metal stamped components, we offer full or partial assemblies through welding, bolt staking, sawing and other processes — all with an emphasis on customer service, environmental care and innovation.

Customer's Supplier Rating System

Our quality policy is to make quality products at a competitive price to meet or exceed customer expectations by continuous improvement with total employee involvement.

Our quality objectives are; 100% Quality (0 rejects), 100% on time delivery, a goal of achieving a 10% improvement in uptime productivity hours. We have reviewed all of our customer’s supplier performance rating systems and the following are the results. For all of our customers our on time delivery is 100%, Quality is 99.8%, and we are proud to announce that we are approaching the 10% productivity improvement mark.

These qualities allow us to be the most competitive and reliable source that our customers have come to depend on. With the bleak economic conditions that we are facing as a nation Graham with it’s commitment of continual improvement and Demand More attitude will assure their customers that they will receive the most competitive, great quality, and 100% on time delivery as the supplier performance records have indicated.


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Our Management Staff

team is what is important and that each of us, on our own, is worthless.

Rob Schnur

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Tony DeMarco
General Manager

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Materials Manager

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Dan Moore

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Luke Weiser
Quality Manager

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Dave Campbell
Estimating Engineer


Commitment to Customer Service

For more than 50 years, Graham Stamping Company has built strong customer relationships on the foundation of superior customer service.

Through creativity and innovation, we work diligently to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our small staff of 30 employees takes a team approach to working with customers and we ensure personal, flexible, collaborative interaction on every project. Taking the time to get to know our customers is important to us, from a small job to a large aluminum stamping project. Our customers are just one phone call away from a solution to their metal working needs.